Meet our students.

Meet our students.

By creating opportunities for students to learn while doing abroad, MISTI sets students on the path to creating a better world.

MISTI supports MIT's mission to "develop in each member of the MIT community the ability and passion to work wisely, creatively, and effectively for the betterment of humankind." From harvesting fog in Chile to provide clean water to local communities to researching assistive robotics at an artificial intelligence lab in France to creating a startup distribution company that connects people in rural India with life-improving technologies, MISTI students are working with peers across the world to learn about global problems and how to solve them. 

The MISTI internship program equips students to tackle challenges in the critical areas that are the focus of the MIT Campaign for a Better World.


Discovery Science

MIT believes that science and invention are the key to making our world a better place, and we know that working on solutions in isolation isn’t the answer. International collaboration is essential to moving fundamental scientific research forward in truly transformational ways—and MISTI internships provide opportunities for MIT students to experience this truth for themselves.

  In Russia, Physics student Abby Drokhlyansky plunged into a cutting-edge research project


Health of the Planet

The critical environmental and sustainability challenges that we face—from climate change to clean energy and safe water—are issues that wrap around the globe and have an impact on every culture and community on earth. Through MISTI, MIT students experience the international cooperation that fuels problem-solving efforts in these arenas. 

  Juan Jaramillo’s second MISTI internship took him to Spain for a life-changing summer


Human Health 

In today’s global society, no health problem stays in one place, and its path and impact will be shaped by the various cultures it touches. As technologies advance and multiple disciplines converge to grapple with evolving health situations, MISTI enables MIT students to join the international, multicultural teams searching for new treatments and solutions.

  Her MISTI internship in France reinforced Nicole Kogan’s conviction that experiencing international collaboration is a crucial part of modern education


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In the 21st century, it is a given that almost every MIT student will become entrepreneurial at some level and will be involved in the discovery of meaningful innovations. But for any good idea to take root and have an impact, it must develop on a global scale. MISTI plays a crucial role in this process by helping MIT students navigate new cultures and join forces with innovation partners around the world.

  Through his MISTI internship in Israel, Matt Chun joined an extraordinary team that’s using open source innovation to help people with disabilities


Teaching, Learning, and Living

An MIT student may not choose the formal label of educator in his or her profession, but all MIT students expect to spend their lives teaching and promoting learning on many levels. They will go out into the world to address problems of all sizes—and MISTI helps them learn to share their knowledge and collaborate successfully with other cultures in the problem-solving process.

  Through her MISTI internship in South Africa, Abigail Anderson was able to make a tangible difference in the lives of local teachers


The MIT Core

For many of MIT’s exceptional students, it was the MISTI internship program that drew them to MIT. Through our international activities, MISTI is able to take MIT's mens et manus learning culture abroad and provide true hands-on learning experiences for its students. MISTI's required coursework and training sessions coupled with real-life fieldwork helps students develop the skills they will need in their future global careers.

  Law Smith’s MISTI internships provided opportunities to advance his knowledge both professionally and culturally


    "MISTI has spawned entrepreneurs, academics, and venture capitalists who work on the global stage with language skills on top of advanced technological prowess."
    Internationalizing the Campus, a NAFSA publication. MISTI is a winner of the Senator Paul Simon Award.